Gold Saver Account

Coming soon!

The One Ounce Trading Gold Saver Account is an industry leading solution for precious metals ownership without going through the overhead of physical security or storage costs. Since there is no minimum purchase, this is a great way to accumulate positions in gold without paying costly premiums or postage on each and every purchase.

Your savings are automatically linked to the price of gold, allowing them to grow over time, with gold rising by nearly 8% per annum for the past 10 years, which is a far higher return than any cash account or term deposit.

The Gold Saver Account is also the perfect solution for parents looking to create a valuable long-term savings asset for their loved ones.

A first in the Philippines, the Gold Saver Account is fully backed by pure 995+ fine physical gold stored at the One Ounce Trading Head Vault at all times.

You can convert your holdings to physical gold at any time and in any form, depending on the availability of the products in our store. Only the difference in premium between the unallocated and physical bullion is payable.

You can even sell back your unallocated at any time for spot cash!