How Bullion Works

One Ounce Trading is here to help you find the products and services that are right for you.

Buying bullion is a straightforward process, but it can feel a bit daunting at first. That’s why we offer a number of services to help make your journey a simple one.

What is Bullion?

Bullion is the word used to describe gold and silver in its purest form. Coins, rounds, bars and ingots containing pure precious metals are generally reserved for investment. Bullion bars and rounds represent one of the most cost-effective ways of purchasing physical precious metals.

What is the difference between spot price and our price?

What we normally hear on the news is the global Spot Price, normally in U.S. dollars. The Spot Price is the price traded in the global metals exchanges such as COMEX (U.S.) or LBMA (U.K.) that serves as basis for all metal trades. The price changes constantly and follows markets around the world 24/7.

The Spot Price is heavily influenced by "paper trades" of Futures and Exchange Traded Funds (ETF). If you remember way back April 2013 , there was a disconnect in price between physical bullion and the Spot Price because there was great demand for "the real thing" when the paper trades had greatly reduced the Spot Price.

Our prices on the website and in our store change every 5 minutes as the Spot Price fluctuates. You will note in our Web Shop that you can “lock in” your price once you have selected your cart of bullion.

Can I buy bullion even if I am not a member?


But being a member has privileges both on discounts and being the first to get rare bullion coins, rounds and bars in the Philippines.

For more information on how to be a member, visit here.



Does bullion contain a premium?

All forms of bullion include a premium. In general, larger pieces will contain lower premiums than smaller items.

There will always be larger costs in producing and selling the smaller bars and coins. Other factors come into play, e.g. in periods of heavy demand and tight supply when producers' and refiners' resources are stretched and metal is extremely hard to get. Margins then inevitably go up to allow refiners and ourselves to get hold of the bullion to satisfy customer’s demands. These are normal market forces just as you see in equities or property.

Simply put, the more work that goes into producing the item you are after the greater the margin over spot.

The other extreme are the small, intricate, limited run minted coins and rounds which you can find in our Collectibles category.

Does bullion come with a product of authenticity?

Most bullion products are embossed with their fineness and weight. This information forms part of their design, and verifies their authenticity from the mint where they were produced.

Do I have to buy online?

One Ounce Trading provides customers the choice of either buying online through our website or if you prefer, a comfortable secure store in our flagship showroom in Quezon City.

Our online website allows you to see photos and descriptions of our entire range and the convenience of shopping from home or on your mobile device.  It is  open 24 hours a days, 7 days a week.

Many still prefer the in-store option as it allows you to discuss your options with one of our friendly Bullion Specialists and take immediate delivery of your bullion after paying either by cash or bank deposit (if you don't want to bring cash).

Bullion as Investment

Gold and silver bullions are considered the purest of all the asset classes an investor can have. It adds not just diversity to your portfolio but also value and can yield great returns.

Most investors buy into gold and silver as a hedge against inflation. Gold and silver continue to rise in price while national currency tends to devalue. So it makes sense to have some form of physical gold and silver rather than just money saved in a bank account.

Bullion tends to move on a different track compared to equities and other commodities, which makes it a very useful hedge against losses in other investment classes and it has other attractions that make it a very worthwhile and permanent asset.

Do I receive real bullion?

Yes, you will receive pure physical gold and silver.

One of the alternatives in precious metals investment is buying Exchange Traded Funds or ETFs.  These are shares listed on the ASX (or other platforms in the world) that are meant to track the price of gold or silver through the company you buy shares in then buying and selling its physical holdings to mirror the market dynamic.  You have a paper share for an unallocated metal account.

In contrast, the precious metal bullion you buy from One Ounce Trading is the real thing.  It is pure, you get to take it, you get to hold it, and nobody can change that by going broke or with the stroke of a pen or the "printing press" like many "paper assets" including cash.